︎ Accurate Artwork Photography

I specialize in photographing artworks using a professional digital color workflow for accurate documentation for all uses.
I always strive for accuracy and I want to be of service to those that need to accurately document their artistic endeavors to a high standard as they grow.

I started doing this work becasue I felt strongly about the need to solve these documentation challenges in my own painting studio practice. I’m familair with the difficulties of accurately communicating artwork details in a photograph. If you’re like me it can be hard knowing that your presentation is not a realistic match to the artwork you have on hand.

showcase the work you have, archive your activity, leave the right impression, and avoid the vulnerability of using a less than ideal set of images for marketing, portfolio submissions, and online interaction. 

Related Services

If you have a unique project or require a service you don’t see listed here please contact me, many photography solutions are possible with the knowledge and equipment I have.

︎  Tabletop Product Photography  (ecommerce, arts, design)

︎  Digital Printing/Proofing/Photo Editing  (fine art printing, photo edits)

︎  Video Capture  (on-site video)


Sample images of oil paintings and paper collage:

I sell photographic prints of artworks on Short Comment
Examples of prints

Sample drawings & studio portrait for client David Torres (

© 2022 David Eli Tompkins all images courtesy of the artists/institutions


I will bring my equipment to your studio/gallery/home in New York City. Please contact me to confirm that I can travel to your location. I have a location minimum and you should prepare space so that the artwork is reasonably accessible. Please continue reading for more information. I am based in Lower Manhattan.

As an alternative you have the option of bringing your artworks to my home studio off Ave C in Alphabet City. Space is very limited in my home studio but if you have a small number of artworks that are no larger than 4ft each you can take advantage of the lower studio rate.


Easy access to artworks is important to save time. Please provide as much room as possible on either side of the work for lights. Laborious art handling such as unpacking and moving around large artworks may incur an additional charge.

oil paintings and other paintings, drawings, prints, and works on paper
glare can be filtered by polarizing the light from reflections (unless raking light showing texture is preferred)

installation and exhibitions, in-situ sculpture, and contextually situated artworks
some limitations exist based on my current equipment, I can’t provide backdrop materials at the moment

The following subjects may require more time and retouching:  
  1. works behind glass or with highly reflective materials
  2. unstretched canvases
  3. large/long installations
  4. video art installations

I offer on location studio portraits to artists at a low rate which can often fit around a shoot schedule. Please inquire for details.


Day rates are available. All projects should be discussed in advance to confirm pricing. Basic corrections and color adjustment are included, plus any edits made during delivery period (24 hours). In most cases you will receive complete corrected files at the end of the shoot in the original format.


140 location minimum and 35 dollars per hour after the first 2 hours
Equivalent to between 10 and 15 dollars per artwork

1 : 140,  2 : 140,  3 : 175,  4 : 210

5 : 245,  6 : 280,  7 : 315,  8 : 350


35 dollars per hour with no minimum, at my studio
in-studio may not be an option for projects with large or numerous artworks please ask

1 : 35,  2 : 70,  3 : 105,  4 : 140

5 : 175,  6 : 210,  7 : 245,  8 : 280


On the day of the shoot you will recieve Raw camera files via SD card or USB:

1. Original Raw files (Fujifilm RAF, AdobeRGB color) at a pixel image size of 6240 × 4160 pixels (composite images are up to 6x larger)            

The following day (within 24 hours) you get 2 finished sets of all images via download link:

2. Full size PNG files (full resolution, sRGB color) - smaller files than Raw, uncompressed, original pixel dimensions
3. Medium size JPG files (1800 pixels, sRGB color) - compressed files, lower resolution for immediate use

If additional correction is needed new edits can be delivered within 72 hours or according to your needs. Please be advised that color-based corrections require in-person access to the artworks for accuracy. 

I send an invoice via email following the shoot which will direct you to an online payment.