Nakameguro Studio / 中目黒 



I lived in Tokyo for a year and a half during 2017 and 2018. I was able to exhibit my work in March of 2018 and shortly after made the big decision to move to New York.

All paintings made on canvas were made in the studio in Nakameguro during the last six months of my stay. They were shown alongside observational paintings from the first year (see Postcards).

The following is adapted from notes about the paintings written just before the exhibition:

There are near-solitary periods when walking in urban neighborhoods. There’s a lot of looking about and movement: the direction of the eye and moving of your feet at a regular pace —those small scales of time. A quiet drama. Rhythmic and cut with shadows. Here there are bunches of walls.

Imagine a replica of the place. With a trick of the mind it’s psychologically distant. That beautiful attachment, of signs, of knowing, is somewhere gone. The function of the place is still the same and people treat each other no differently. It’s indistinguishable, without personal value or sense.



3/3 Painting Exhibition

White Room, 3F Fujiya buidling
1-3-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
March 3 - 9, 2018

︎ installation


︎ The Way to Ibuyara


Tokyo Yellow (L)
oil on canvas
13.5 x 18
Large Postcard (R)
oil on canvas
29 x 35.5

Flat Not Grey (underpainting from 2018)
oil on canvas
14 x 18

Tokyo Yellow
oil on canvas
13.5 x 18

installation images
3/3 Painting Exhibtion

The Way to Ibuyara
oil on canvas
77 x 51.5


3/3 Painting Exhibition, Just Another Space, Tokyo Japan 2018