NYC Year One

2018 - 2019

Doorway Interstice (1)

The last painting during the first year in NYC was the largest. There are two titles: one is an ASCII picture and the other is Doorway Interstice.

A note from when the painting was finished:

When you hit a wall it doesn’t eliminate space you just stop moving.

Continuing from that note, there are ways in which space is linked to motion just as often as to light. I had a faint interest in what color could create of this motion. To represent a slight motion in a shallow space, or become the index of it. As for the picture title, it takes the space and places it in a repeating structure.

︎ Doorway Interstice

︎ Paper Landscape


The larger paintings above are from early 2019,
and the next three are from late 2018 ~
ending with individual descriptions of those three




(3) ^ pictured above

“Life in Hennepin County where Lucifer Deals Death to the Unbelievers”

An autobiographical idea. A portrait of frustrated thoughts about my past in Minnesota. It’s also a joke when taken with the title. A serious joke.

(4) ^ pictured above

“That Thing that is Personal and Dramatic to You in the Guise of a Home Depot”

A sarcastic admission that neither the idea nor the inspiration are very clear. I love warehouses (and Home Depot) but what do I study–the precise location, or the internal sense that has drawn me to it? Explore the love or explore the source for it? Of course it’s both, but also eventually neither.

(5) ^ pictured above

“1/8000 Scale Model of a Wharf with Pier and the Green Katamari”

Marks, I think, should involve the physical mass of the canvas. So much of my work uses place, space, observer-in-location, and things like that. The title gives an explanation about what the image can’t be using terms of scale. Scale is a limited tool where size is concerned. It’s a painting about this problem.

︎ Fluorescent and Incandescent Wedges


Doorway Interstice (and details)
oil on canvas
72 x 74

Paper Landscape (and detail)
oil on canvas
38 x 48

Life in Hennepin County Where Lucifer Deals Death to the Unbelievers
oil on canvas
30 x 22

That Thing That is Personal and Dramatic to You in The Guise of a Home Depot (and underpainting)
oil on canvas
24 x 32

1/8000 Scale Model of a Wharf with Pier and the Green Katamari
oil on canvas
30 x 26

Fluorescent and Incandescent Wedges
oil on canvas
16 x 21

exhibtions: ︎