update ︎ 8/30/2021

I’ve been on an intentional hiatus from painting since mid-quarantine for about 9 months to work on new projects. I’ve been learning, improving, and diversifying the range of work that I do

With three online projects now nearing completion I will soon be returning to studio and painting with new confidence and some cool ideas

In order to make sure all these outputs can be successful, my intention is to grow bolder, to clear up my ideas and do more writing, and to foster a more healthy level of self-promotion (6-9 month timeline)

A. collaborative small print editions (launching soon)
B. studio store for smaller artworks - open now 
C. shop with digital illustrations (reopening soon)

Priorities for the website in 2021:

  1. add a new project, add CV information, self-publish additional writing content

  2. shiny new artwork photos, relaunch the catalogue, minor improvements