update ︎ 12/2/2021

I started building 3 online projects during the pandemic last year as a way to diversify into new spaces that allow me to deliver artwork and ideas to new people, and really just to understand it better. I chose to create these at similar levels of business online and I’m experimenting as I spread my work accross them. Some artwork is new and some remade, but almost all of it is made available for purchase or will be soon.

I’ve been developing many systems to help me work, which has led to wide practical improvements and new goals for the studio. I’m incorporating these projects into how I communicate and my semi-short-term expectation is that I will be able to demonstrate how these new online locations contribute to the studio’s overall identity and change it’s presence. I will then push through to some more intense new work.

A. collaborative small print editions supported by essays and dialogue -(launching soon)
B. det studio shop with smaller artworks and prints - open now 
C. prints shop with a few new ideas - (open & expanding)

Priorities for <davidelitompkins.com>

  1. add a new project & self-publish some written content (via Short Comment Editions, see above)
  2. shiny new artwork photos, relaunch the catalogue, minor improvements
  3. add my CV information and a new bio summary and artist statement