Grey Spaces

[poetics of space, learning paint material, immergence of voice]

>> what monochrome grey and brown painting means


ethic and ideal to being neutral -> as an abstraction monochrome or nearly mnochrome paintings was (meant) to focus on taking people out of it -the emphaisis no tbeing on wheter figures or signs of figures appear in the image but instead how one would identify with the artwork (an attempt to make neutral) - which was an exercise in something neutral and some kind of de-contextual notion, perhaps dehumanizing too - kind of an anti-intellectual anaysis for what it’s worth.


before the larger grey paintings there was Rome...

photo 3

(1) Grey I     oil on canvas     54 x 70     2016
(2) Rome 1(location), 2(location), and 3(location)
      oil on prepared paper     around 3.5 x 5.5    2013

exhibtions : Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome Italy 2013
David Tompkins is an artist based in New York City working with architectural space and observation (b. 1992 Durham NC, RISD ‘14)