Artwork Documentation by David E Tompkins

I’m a painter and I want to be of service to other artists who may not be able to accurately document their artwork on their own, and people who may need related photography.

I have specialized into photography for artwork documentation and print reproduction. archiving, cataloguing new work, and online presentations. I also love to shoot studio portraits and have some experience with product photography.

I promote my practice using video and photography and produce prints for many of my artworks, sometimes printing other artists’ work. I am a writer on topics close to my studio practice and community. I also mentor students who plan to study fine arts and design at the college level.

250 minimum rate on location 

(space is very limited in my studio but under special circumstances: for my neighbors and those with works under 4ft and are willing to travel a lowered studio rate is available)

5 [quick list of things, and people can ask]. 2019 freelance projects/experience, software use, any strong fabrication experience (canvases)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of art can you shoot?

Paintings (gloss and glare can usually be filtered out) , sculpture (in-situ and on a backdrop), installations and install shots. Please note that works behind glass and some works that include gold/silver/glitter may require multiple shots and retouching which may increase costs.

What do I need to do to prepare for a shoot in my studio?

Provide as much room as possible on either side of the work for the lights. Most small works can be photographed in sealed frames without removing them. A 54" white or black scrim as a seamless backdrop can be provided for sculptures.

What kinds of images do I receive:

Three folders of files are provided: Full size 50 Megapixel TIFF files in the full AdobeRGB 1998 color space around 8688 x 5792 pixels or around 19" x 29" at 300dpi ). Full sized high quality JPEG files (around 10 megs). Scaled down JPEGs at 1800 pixels for email and converted to web standard sRGB color space. The RAW and Photoshop files can also be delivered. Images of almost any size and format you need can be exported.

When do I receive the images?

You receive your images at the end of the shoot or via secure weblink or by transfer to a portable drive. If additional retouching work is needed, images can be sent via download link within three business days.

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Digital Capture & Edit with 50.6 MP Camera, includes basic retouching


$45.00 In Studio
$50.00 On Location


$50.00 In Studio
$55.00 On Location

* Artwork involving special requirements (i.e., unstretched canvas, video art, or lengthy installations) or special art handling or unwrapping may incur an additional charge.

Location minimum of $700 plus parking.
Studio minimum of $100 in my Connecticut location (by appointment).
Day and 1/2 day rates available.

Studio is located at 86 Tersana Drive, Easton, CT 06612.

My goal is to provide an accurate translation of the artwork, with attention to detail, lighting, exposure and post production. Client satisfaction is my main objective.
I photograph art in New York City and the tri-state area, as well as in my Connecticut studio.




Below is a featured selection of client artworks including paintings, sculptures, installations, exhibitions, panoramas, and videos.

Full resolution images are 50 megapixels with a maximum resolution of 8688x5792 pixels per individual image.

<Please inquire via email here for rates and availability>

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About Fine Art Documentation

Our main objective is to deliver an accurate representation of an artwork, with attention to your art documentation needs.

With the use of a high resolution camera, lighting, and the best post production software, our goal is to provide you with the proper documentation you need to succeed.

We document painting, sculpture and installations for galleries, museums, collectors, writers and artists. Our work has been published in books, catalogues, and magazines, as well as on gallery and individual artists’ websites.

Clients receive two high resolution digital images ( one TIFF file and one JPEG file) for each artwork, shot with a 51MP camera and studio lighting setup, with basic color adjustment done in Capture One.



$45.00 per artwork dropped of at studio (see details below)

$50.00 per artwork on location


$50.00 per sculpture dropped of at studio (see details below)

$55.00 per sculpture on location


$100.00 per image

Special requirements will be priced accordingly (i.e., unstretched canvas, reflective materials, video art, lengthy installations, etc.)


TRAVEL FEE $50 (outside NYC variable rates)

STUDENT DISCOUNT 10% off rates

Please Note: You have the option of dropping off and picking up your artwork at our home studio in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn or we can set up a shoot at your studio. If you choose your studio, we will follow Covid 19 safety protocols including wearing a mask and hand sanitization. There will also be a transportation fee added to the cost of the shoot.


Advanced retouching $80/hr.

Product photography. Inquire for details.

Custom printing available. Inquire for details.

Custom lighting available. Inquire for details.

Art writing. Inquire for details.


Photography of Art

Specializing in Photography of Art for galleries, museums, artists, collections and collectors.

Adam Reich Photography has over two decades of experience photographing for a wide group of artists, private dealers and major galleries in and around New York City.

Keeping pace with the latest digital technology and equipment has been a priority, along with all available formats of film for fidelity of reproduction, for publishing, websites and email, inventory of collections, or any other form of use of the images intended.

Location and studio work available; all inquiries welcome.


High Resolution Digital

$35.00 to $75.00 (price varies depending on project, 2 or 3 dimensional work, size of artwork and pieces under glass).
$75.00 to $150.00 for 6 shot 1.12 gigabyte multi-shot file of artwork (price varies on project and work photographed).

Projects should be discussed in advance for pricing, day rates are available depending on project size. Payment methods accepted: checks, wire transfer (fees may apply), all major credit cards, checks, Venmo, Paypal.

Post production color correction/cropping. High resolution TIFF file for full reproduction detail. Low resolution JPEG for multi purpose use for website, inventory, or email files delivered by or and can also be provided on disk.

High Resolution Camera: Nikon D850 45.7 Megapixel Camera with exquisite low light capabilities and HD video capability. Generally used for all purpose photography: paintings, sculptures, installations.

Hasselblad H4D 200ms The camera has the ability to take a six shot file producing very large 200 mb files producing up to 1.12 gigabytes for large reproduction use, the largest file currently on the market of any medium format digital camera available. Ideal for large files needed for artists prints made from artwork that can approximate same size file as artwork and used for giclee printing or other types of printing for limited edition artist prints. Other usages are for large reproductions such as banners and posters and reproductions needing very large file size.

Hasselblad H5D 50c Large format 50 mp camera with CMOS sensor, ideal for shooting files in low light environments as well as all purpose camera for all types of usages.

On Site Color Correction

A) I offer on site color correction to guarantee precise color correction during the shoot, right in the gallery.
B) Another tier of service using a hi-res Eizo color calibrated monitor. This provides color correction directly in front of painting/sculpture, especially useful for projects that are for book or catalog reproduction.

HD Video available-prices vary depending on project.

PayPal - Make payments here

!! dormant site since 2017 (5 years out of date) but still maybe something to take !!

If you are selling your work, reproducing it in a catalog, or submitting it for review, you really want the best quality you can afford. Hiring me is a relatively cheap way to get access to 17 years of experience and $25,000 of professional photo gear—the best digital backs, the sharpest lenses, the best quality of light—plus I take care of all the tedious image processing, which is the least fun part of the process. calibrated lighting, a $4000 digital camera back, and an $1800 lens. 

What types of files do I receive?
16-bit Tiff, Adobe RGB (or ProPhoto?) // RAF ? (Fuji RAW Format)
JPEG “hi-res” ? // 1240 pixels JPEG //2048 pixels JPEG - all sRGB
PNG file - sRGB

The TIFFs and high resolution jpegs are saved with an Adobe RGB color profile, while all the other files which are meant for computer screens are embedded with the sRGB color profile. All files are provided on a Mac/PC compatible DVD. In addition, you receive a color thumbnail sheet.Can you title my files?YES! Normally, I label the files by the date taken, your name and a sequential file number: 20121015_First_Last-01.tif. But if you can provide me with a text or Word file with the exact titles you'd like me to use, I'd be happy to do it for you, for a nominal fee.I'd like an image to have movement or be a composite of two images.

Paul Takeuchi Photography
925 Bergen St., Suite 406
Brooklyn, NY 11238
My studio is in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, at 925 Bergen Street between Franklin and Classon. I'm on the fourth floor, but there is a freight elevator that operates M-F 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.



High Resolution Photography, Location Photography, Archival File Storage, Retouching

Video Documentation and Editing, Time Lapse Photography and Video

Feel free to contact us for a quote.

526 W 26th St, Suite 206, New York, NY 10001 | | 212.243.0332
Fine art documentation and reproduction since 1975



Fine Art Photo Services is run by a professional artist, for professional artists, galleries, and collectors. We are sensitive to the special photography and art documentation needs of artists and will capture your artwork accurately and with attention to detail.
To set up an in-studio or location appointment, or to reach out for any reason at all, you can contact us by phone, email, or chat! We'd love to hear from you!

Fine Art Photo Services
507 43rd Street Suite 5W-B
Union City, NJ 07087


We provide expert high-resolution digital photography of your art. We take pride in our work and will treat your art pieces as if they were our own.


Whether you need to document your artwork to update your portfolio, create a digital record of your art prior to sale, or produce optimized images for your artist website, we will ensure the highest possible accuracy.


We provide specialized services for art collectors. We can document your collection for insurance, archival or estate purposes. Be assured that we always work with discretion, sensitivity, and care.


We offer the expert techniques and skills necessary to document exhibitions, installations, and art inventories for galleries and museums. We have the capability to capture 2D and 3D art pieces.


Many homeowners and businesses invest money on framed posters and prints without realizing how affordable it can be to acquire original art. If you are curious about starting or building an art collection, we can help you learn more about this rewarding pursuit.

Areas Served--We can travel to your studio, gallery or home within the New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area. Our studio is located in the heart of Union City, NJ, conveniently located close to most major NJ highways just across the Hudson River from Midtown Manhattan.


Digital Capture & Editing

50.6 MP camera

Location minimum: $300 plus transportation (no minimum for in-studio)

$45.00 In Studio$50.00 In Studio
$50.00 On Site$55.00 On Site

incudes post production color matching and minor retouching

We can accommodate rush digital captures with same-day turnaround (upon availability).

download link containing
high-resolution TIFF files
high-resolution JPEG files + lower-resolution JPEGs suitable for Web or email Alternatively, we can deliver all media via a USB drive

Virtual Tour Details

Virtual Tours from $300

As a Google Trusted Photographer, we can help you achieve greater visibility and exposure in Google search results by creating an immersive virtual experience. Showcase your art space not only on Google, but on your website and social media pages.

Rates include 360-degree panoramic images that provide a walk-through experience for your clients and visitors.

We will capture as many images as needed to document the entire space. We will then stitch, process and submit the virtual tour to Google Maps and Google Street View, and update your business profile so that it reflects the most accurate information.

Once your tour is complete we will provide you with full-resolution images and HTML code that you can embed on your website and social media accounts.

For a more accurate quick quote, contact us and provide us with the square footage, number of floors, and a description of the floor  plan.

Pardon our appearance while we upgrade our website

Art > Re-Imagined

We closely collaborate with artists, art galleries, museums, and cultural institutions to make images that capture the essence of art.

Using digital imaging, film, and video, we create visual narratives that focus on the aesthetic, social, and historical values that art carries through time.

Our studio in New York is specialized in art documentation, fine art reproduction, digitization of cultural heritage material, and media production for the arts.

On White Wall Studio

–By appointment only
265 Canal St, STE 210
New York, NY – 10013
View on Google Maps

Phone: 917.512.5707

We love challenges

We are ready to work on large or small projects that require attention to detail, technical expertise, and artistic sensibility.

Recent clients include MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art, Americas Society, Museum of Art and Design, American Folk Art Museum, Everson Museum, Chrysler Museum of Art, SVA NYC – School of Visual Arts, SUNY New Paltz, iscp – International Studio & Curatorial Program, or BioBAT Art Space.

Imaging Services in New York:
Photography / Film & Video / 3D Visualization

We offer a variety of imaging and visualization services tailored for the fine art and creative industries. Our expertise includes artwork digitization, film & video production, and virtual 3D visualization.

Our aim is to create powerful presentations of your works of art –from any time period and on any possible medium: flat oil paintings, drawings, and other works on paper, three-dimensional sculptures, cultural artifacts, gallery exhibitions, site-specific installations, performance, or time-based multimedia artworks.

On White Wall Studio is conveniently located in New York’s SoHo/Tribeca district, to offer high-quality art imaging and visualization services in NYC:

Accurate Artwork Photography

Digitization of 2D artworks (paintings, prints, drawings, and works on paper) with maximum fidelity based on museum-quality cultural heritage imaging guidelines (Metamorfoze/FADGI).

Photo documentation of 3D objects, sculptures, large installations, site-specific artworks, performances, cultural programs, and art events.

Impactful Film & Video Production

Creative direction for film & video production.

Video tours of exhibitions, dedicated video artworks, artists’ interviews, studio visits, site-specific, immersive, or sound installations, cinematic production, and video editing.

Passioned about Art

Our background in art practice, communication, and design inform the way we approach art imaging. We love to engage in new dialogues with artists, artworks, and history. Capturing the world’s cultural heritage for future generations is a responsibility and privilege that we enjoy every day. 

The high-resolution images and video outputs we produce are used for marketing campaigns, printed catalogs and publications, portfolios, online platforms, or archival and preservation purposes.

To learn more about our services, discuss your needs or book a session, get in touch with us.
© 2016-2022 On White Wall, Inc. All rights reserved. Images courtesy of the artists / institutions.